Pain Management Clinic - Arizona
What our patients are saying:
"I began to have significant groin and thigh pain after my hernia surgery. My surgeon performed more surgical procedures, but pain just got worse. I was referred to Pain MD, Dr. Vengurlekar who diagnosed me to have Genito Femoral Neuralgia. He performed 2 procedures on me. I am completely free of pain and have been so for the last 3 years, without any medication"
"I was in severe pain despite having 6 back surgeries and I was suffering from intractablepain. I had no quality of life. Then my wife's employer, who had also been treated by Dr. Vengurlekar, introduced me to him. Dr. Vengurlekar, after a meticulous evaluation and diagnostic procedures, decided that I needed an implantable pump, which he implanted in me. For the last 11 years I have been virtually free of pain, I also have a new baby, and although I am still crippled from all those surgeries..."
"As the wife of a doctor I had suffered from intractable neck pain and headaches for several years. I have been seen by multiple physicians, but to no avail. I was referred to Dr. Vengurlekar by a neurologist, and after undergoing Radiofrequency ablation of certain nerves in my neck, my headaches have been completely relieved, and I have been pain free for the past 7 years"
"I have had 20 back surgeries and after having undergone these surgeries I continued to have intractable back pain. The spine surgeons who operated on me did not want to see me anymore, and told me that the pain was all in my head. Dr. Vengurlekar made an assessment and diagnosed me to have arachnoiditis and reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and he performed a procedure on me, and my pain has been controlled by 70%..."
Premier Pain Institute - Scottsdale Pain Center
Premier Pain Institute at Scottsdale Pain Center and other suburbs of Phoenix, provides the highest quality of dedicated care to pain patients in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain disorders. Over 16 years, Premier Pain Institute in Scottsdale has set the standard in diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of pain disorders successfully, with cutting edge minimally invasive techniques.

Our comprehensive treatments include every procedure from specific targeted selective epidural steroid and root sleeve injections and facet nerve blocks, to the most advanced interventional procedures such as Radio-Frequency Nerve Ablation, minimally invasive disc procedures for a variety of disc problems such as disc herniations, tears etc. Percutaneous Cervical and lumbar disc decompression, coblation nucleoplasty using plasma energy,biacuplasty are some of the techniques offered by Dr Vengurlekar, founder of Premier Pain Institute with multiple locations at Scottsdale Pain Center and Arrowhead Interventional Pain Center. For intractable pain syndromes, Spinal Cord stimulation and intrathecal catheter with infusion of medications to treat intractable pain may also be appropriate in some patients.

Scottsdale Pain Center in Scottsdale offers a full range of treatments for chronic pain management, including diagnostic and therapeutic spinal injections and advanced pain therapies. CRPS or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis), Raynauds Syndrome and Disease, PAOD (Peripheral Arterial Disease), Diabetic and Non Diabetic Neuropathy are some of the challenging pain disorders successfully treated by Dr Vengurlekar. The goal of the Scottsdale Pain Center is to treat pain patients expeditiously and to help them to return to function and elimination or reduction of consumption of potentially harmful medications, by patients in pain.
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